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100 Gallon TroughSaver


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 29 × 24 in
Trough Size

100 Gallon

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Product Description

With TroughSaver you can bring all your old, leaky troughs and stock tanks out of the trough graveyard and start using them again right now instead of having to buy a new one. You never have to break your back scrubbing again, because not only does TroughSaver repel algae, microbes, dirt and larvae, it is super easy to pull out and wash when you want to refresh your trough’s water. You can just hang it over a fence and spray it down with a hose or throw it in the washing machine. Then just drop it back in the trough and fill with fresh, clean water!

TroughSaver is SAFE and creates a healthy environment for outdoor water sources for your livestock. It is manufactured in the USA out of an incredibly special proprietary material that has been approved by the FDA as a medical and food grade material, so no more worries of hazardous chemicals leaching into your livestock’s drinking water. This material is also used across the US in hospitals and trauma centers as PPE equipment and clothing. TroughSaver is also recyclable!


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